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Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

8521 Laguna Station Rd., Elk Grove, CA, 95758

Created by cowlov1

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Aug 16, 2014 - Andrew.Biggs11

The Sacramento waste treatment facility needs to attract a lot of investors in order to improve their waste processing methods. The AllMetalsInc.com specialists could provide them with the best steel square tubing that could improve some processes and reduce the amount of waste that is dumped in the Delta river.

Feb 06, 2012 - Mollylibby
Sacramento Waste Treament Plant & Sanitation Department are Money Hungry heartless fools

AttN: Sac Waste Treament Plant and Corporate Sargeant. Sharon,

I am in shock that your facility has filed to be relieved from fixing a HUGE problem in the entire sacramento region!
Every time I walk outside no matter where I am at in Sacramento, Folsom anywhere, it always smells
like human feces, dead animal smell, and cleaning products and why do you think that is? Because YOU
will not fix a serious issue which is spewing shit, piss and ammonia all over Sacramento! I have health
issues I could not figure out why i could not heal for 17 years and I blame YOU! Sacramento in the past 9 years has
gotten so bad in smells it is unreal.

How in the hell do any of you wake up everyday and look in the mirror when you are literally killing people
without them knowing it. So many have no idea what the smell is, but I will make sure they do. This is like living in a third world country
and you are worried about the almighty dollar, not human safety, every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

Ammonia is a serious thing especially constantly inhaled and so are human bacterial infections caused by inhaling human contaminants constantly
without being relieved of this. I am going to make sure everyone knows what that smell really is with fliers, emails
everything. You have to pay to get that facility fixed, that is wrong if you don't, and thanks for making me lose 17 years
of my life due to bacterial infections I have not been able to get rid of, and yes I tested for them, I know it is your fault.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

This information is for Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, all cities to read the truth about The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District,
and to notify you that Sacramento could care less about your health!!! Do something people, stand up!!! Read below people! And Sacramento is trying to weezle
their way out of to save a buck and not care about our air quality or rivers, delta and children, animals, produce, I could go on and on!!
Wonder why you have Lupus? Wonder why you have AutoImmune Diseases you cannot pinpoint? Wonder why your body cannot heal itself no matter what you do or take? Wonder why you have heart disease, allergies
and headaches everyday and you still do the right thing with nutrition, water drinking etc, here is your answer the seriously bad third world country
Sacramento bacteria ridden sesspool of constant inhalation of ammonia and human feces right at your doorstep everyday!!! THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District is responsible for dumping roughly 140 million gallons of inadequately treated wastewater every day into the heart of the Delta, the state's most important and most troubled estuary. To put it into context, the Sacramento region is the single largest source of treated sewage discharged to inland waters in the entire state. Sacramento's regional sewage treatment plant is also the largest single source of ammonia in the Delta. In fact, the ammonia load has more than doubled since 1985 due to rapid urbanization. It now exceeds 14 tons per day and more than 125,000 gallons each month.

Multiple studies have shown that these discharges have adverse effects on the Delta habitat, specifically ammonia discharges, which have significantly affected native Delta fish populations. The increased discharge of ammonia in Delta waters has been extremely detrimental to the food web that delta smelt rely upon. The United States Fish and Wildlife Services' biological opinion for Delta water project operations has stated that a reduction of contaminant levels and exposure to toxic algal blooms (which increase with high ammonia levels) are key to promoting the recovery of delta smelt and other native fish populations.

Water quality regulators have required other cities, such as Stockton and Modesto, to upgrade their treatment systems by installing tertiary systems to clean sewage discharges to the Delta. And, tertiary treatment is standar

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